Demand Jared Polis support Colorado energy over his personal investments in Canadian oil & gas

Coloradans demand clear water policy from Jared Polis

Jared Polis: It’s not too late to do the right thing for the Western Slope

Jared Polis refuses to debate western Colorado issues on the West Slope. Sign our petition to demand Polis not ignore Club 20 debates in Grand Junction.

Don’t Tax My Bags

Instead of focusing on actual priorities — like fixing our pothole-filled roads — some Colorado legislators are trying to push through a 25 cent tax on grocery store bags. We wish they wouldn’t. If you agree, sign our petition!

Condemn outside influence from anti-parent unions

Call on potential Douglas County School Board members Graziano, Holtzmann, Laung and Schor to condemn national lobbying groups and their anti-parent policies.

Stop the fishing and license fee hike

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is armed to the teeth with lawyers and lobbyists pushing a last minute bill through the Colorado state legislature that would slap a massive 50% fee increase on Coloradans who enjoy the great outdoors (read: all of us).

House Liberals: Balance the State Budget

Liberals in the Colorado state house are playing politics with our state budget, holding a balanced budget hostage to their partisan agenda. Sign our petition today to say ENOUGH: balance the budget.

Michael Bennet: Confirm Judge Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch is a highly-qualified nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court with support from across the political spectrum. Coloradans deserve to know if Michael Bennet supports Judge Gorsuch.

Tell Michael Bennet to Show Up to Work

Michael Bennet, along with his fellow Democrats in Washington, has been skipping work lately. Colorado taxpayers pay Michael Bennet to show up, not play hookie. Tell Michael Bennet it’s time to stop slinking away and time to start showing up.

Gov Hickenlooper: Oppose Amendment 70

ProgressNow Colorado wants Governor John Hickenlooper to support the job-killing minimum wage increase Amendment 70. Our goal is to submit more signatures to the Governor urging him to oppose Amendment 70 than ProgressNow turns in urging him to support it.