Tell Michael Bennet to Confirm Judge Gorsuch

Dear Senator Bennet –

The confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court might be the most important decision impacting the future of our country you will ever make. You have spent weeks “listening to constituents” and even meeting with Judge Grouch himself. In town hall meetings you have been asked multiple times about the confirmation and now you state that you need to hear his testimony yourself.

Coloradans deserve to know if you will support Judge Gorsuch, Senator Bennet. Countless policy-makers, Democrats, and Republicans across Colorado have lauded Judge Gorsuch’s demeanor and his qualifications for this position. Even Former Democrat Governor Bill Ritter supports the nomination.

This is it, Senator Bennet, this is the vote where you decide if you’re with common-sense Coloradans or if you’re playing the far-lefty political games of Washington D.C. Tell us where you stand.


The Undersigned