Don’t Tax My Bags

Dear Colorado Legislators-

We understand there are a lot of issues to worry about in a relatively short legislative session. There are some pressing needs that must be addressed – like making sure that our pothole-filled roads stop destroying the suspensions on all our cars.

Once again, legislators (looking at you Rep. Paul Rosenthal and Sen. Lois Court) you have found a new and different way to try to be the bosses of every part of our lives – from what kind of lightbulbs we can use, to what kind of toilets we can install in our homes – now you want us to pay even more at the checkout lane while buying groceries. You’re proposing a 25 cent tax on bags – we wish you wouldn’t.

Many of us are just trying to get by – we feed ourselves and our kids, and at the end of a long shopping trip we may have forgotten to properly virtue signal by bringing our reusable bags. Heck, some of us even save and reuse the bags we do get at the store (especially those of us with dogs).

So, please, Please, PLEASE – stick to what’s important this year, and pull this proposal from consideration. We don’t need another tax.


The Undersigned